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Attention UIC Shareholders

Official Certified Election Results for the 2021 UIC Annual Shareholder Meeting:

At the recently held Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation Annual Shareholder’s Meeting


As Secretary of the UIC Board of Directors, Charles D. N. Brower reported that based on the tabulation performed by the duly appointed inspectors of election, the following candidates for the Board of Directors received the three highest votes at the 2021 UIC Annual Meeting of shareholders:

  1. Delbert James Rexford
  2. Dr. Pearl Brower
  3. Lloyd S. Kanayurak

Congratulations to these top three successful candidates!

Prize winners

  1. UIC Board Director Lloyd Kanayurak along with the UIC Stock Department drew this year’s prize winners and we are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s grand prize, $7,500.00 in cash, is Leroy Long Jr.

This year’s $500 Annual Meeting prize winners are:

  1. Briggetta Leavitt
  2. Mary Ipalook
  3. Evette Edwardsen
  4. Tania Gunderson
  5. Ardyce Kizzy Nayakik
  6. Ernest George Stackhouse
  7. Charles Douglas Andrews
  8. Erin Goward
  9. Larry D Kasak
  10. Frank K Solomon
  11. Flora Rose Gerke
  12. Mac E Rock Sr
  13. Whitlam Adams
  14. Guy Soplu custodian for Skylar Soplu
  15. Willie Sielak Jr
  16. Darlene Mae Hurlbert
  17. Harland Kasak
  18. Robert I Alred
  19. Edith Sizrauna Greene
  20. Robert James Simmonds

This year’s $500 Early Bird prize winners are:

  1. Harris Henry Ekalook
  2. Katherine L Martin
  3. Abraham Itta
  4. George Burnell
  5. Emma Virginia Ferguson-Brown
  6. Kylan Lakshas
  7. Robert Nukapigak
  8. Flossie Mongoyak
  9. Benita Maxine Katairoak
  10. Miranda Jaye Rexford-Brown

This year’s $50 E-Vote prize winners are:

  1. Salomi Lea’ E. Kignak
  2. Evette Edwardsen
  3. Denise E Varner
  4. Deanna Hopson
  5. Fredricka Hopson Custodian for Kallista Cheyanna Hopson
  6. John William Kignak
  7. Bristol Lakshas
  8. Eva Marie Mongoyak
  9. Cynthia A Spear custodian for Mildred Emma Spear
  10. Amanda Marlana Okpeaha
  11. Ida Mae Panik
  12. Kiana Solomon
  13. Annie M Matumeak
  14. Adam James Nayakik
  15. Ethel Jane Simmonds
  16. Margaret Alice Olemaun
  17. Stefanie Rose Lozano custodian for Andrea Lynn Brown
  18. Jessica Leigh Mendel
  19. Shawn A Defibaugh
  20. Scotty Oyagak
  21. Stefanie Rose Lozano
  22. Edna Janice Peters
  23. Jane Kilaphsuk Synder
  24. Samantha Ruth Leavitt
  25. Ellen Ruth Sovalik
  26. Edith Ann Suvlu custodian for Louedward Wayne Suvlu
  27. Donna Marie Kippi
  28. Maxine Ahgeak
  29. Christina Ahngasuk-Laux
  30. David Itta
  31. Christina J T Kanayurak
  32. Bernadette Jackie Adams
  33. Rebecca T Finneseth
  34. Dorothy Aalak Osborn
  35. Margaret Alice Patkotak custodian for Ryder Patkotak
  36. Andrea Michelle Ahyakak
  37. Clara Kay Kious
  38. Kivvaq Nungasak
  39. Jeanette Lorene Christensen
  40. Isabel Fischer
  41. Veronica Morales
  42. Allyson Atos
  43. Ellis L Patkotak
  44. Betsy Aveoganna
  45. Rose M Gueco
  46. Charles Chester Lampe
  47. Jalene Kanyurak
  48. Molly Ahgeak
  49. Lilly R Ahvakana
  50. Riley Kalayauk
  51. Robin Kaleak
  52. Freddie F Kaleak
  53. Price Edward Brower
  54. Randy Hoover Koonaloak custodian for Tristan Koonaloak
  55. Maria Jo Patkotak
  56. Eva Hall
  57. Martha Koonaloak
  58. Angelica Dawn Telfair
  59. Beverly Adel Ahgeak
  60. Pete Floyd Ahvakana
  61. Charley Kovalsky
  62. Abbey Michelle Salmon
  63. Theresa Akpik
  64. Jeremy Chisholm Frankson
  65. Virginia L. Smith
  66. Ruby Salomi Rexford
  67. Christopher Scott Danner
  68. Frances Kanayurak
  69. Abel Lee Hopson-Suvlu
  70. Margaret N. Ahmaogak
  71. Oliver Brower
  72. Darlene Mae Hurlbert
  73. Leroy Long Jr
  74. Baxter Bailey Hopson
  75. Lora Mae Okpeaha
  76. Marie Iqilana Solomon
  77. Yvonne Fonua
  78. Billy Ahkiviana
  79. Elouise Toelau
  80. Clarie Akootchook
  81. Johnson Booth Sr
  82. Warren Harding Lampe
  83. Randy Hoover Koonaloak custodian for Richard Tukle Koonalok
  84. Marilyn Booth
  85. Courtney Sierra Hopson
  86. April Ann Fischer
  87. Raymond Atos
  88. Marie Iqilana Solomon custodian for Jaden Solomon
  89. Nedra Janice Harcharek
  90. Alexis Ahyakak
  91. Damian George Ahkiviana
  92. Ernest George Stackhouse
  93. Falaura Hopson
  94. Alberta Kanayurak
  95. Robert Harry Brower
  96. Susan Annie Kittick Atos
  97. Bryce Harrington
  98. Richard F. Mello
  99. Phyllis Ivanoff
  100. Betty A Bodfish 

We are also especially pleased to announce that the 2021 Shareholder Recognition Awardees are:

Cultural Bearer
– Isabel Kanayurak

Community Service – Deborah Nayakik

Outstanding Educator – Elsie Pikok

Outstanding Homemaker – Richard Taalak

Outstanding Shareholder – Price Brower

Lifetime Achievement – C. Eugene Brower

Elder of the Year – Molly Pederson

This year, the men will receive custom hunting knives with sheaths made by Carl Kippi. These are mounted to a handsome, wood award plaque, engraved with their name and the UIC logo.

The women will receive custom hand-made ulus with stands, made by Hermon Ahsoak. These are also set on a beautiful wood award plaque, engraved with their name and the UIC logo.

Congratulations to these wonderful Shareholders who have given so much!


Announcing the Proposed UIC Shareholder Trust

The UIC Board of Directors has recommended and developed a proposed settlement trust that will benefit both UIC and its Shareholders.

Click here for more information.

New UIC Shareholder Portal now available!

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation Stock Department is happy to announce our new, on-line shareholder portal to securely connect and interact with your UIC Shareholder information.

Once logged in you can:
• View and update your profile: contact information, direct deposit, etc.
• See your dividend payments
• Access other stock forms
• Read important announcements and news

To access the portal:
Go to the portal home page at

If you haven’t already registered please click “REGISTER” after “Don’t have a login?” and follow the prompts.

Questions or comments?
Our team of shareholder representatives are ready to assist you. Please feel free to call or email us for assistance.

UIC Stock Dept.
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Phone (907) 852-4460
Fax (907) 802-3141

Stock Forms


Your Special Dividend is taxable

If you would like Federal taxes withheld from your dividend check, please click this W-4V form link, print and fill it out then submit to UIC Stock Dept. ASAP.

Change of Address

Shareholders should notify the Stock Department in writing any time their address changes. To protect Shareholder records, UIC does not accept address changes over the telephone or via e-mail. To change your address, download, complete, and mail/fax the Change of Address form and submit it to the Stock department so that we can immediately update your records.

Change of Name

Please use this form if you have changed your legal name (i.e, marriage license, divorce decree, etc.)

Direct Deposit

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC)’s Shareholders have the opportunity to have their dividends direct deposited into their personal bank accounts. If you want to utilize this option, please download and complete the Direct Deposit Form and submit it to the Stock department for processing.

Other Forms

Directions: download, complete, and mail/fax/ or drop off forms to the Stock department.

Please contact the UIC Stock department if you need assistance completing the forms.

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