Our recruitment team sources, screens and selects qualified applicants in a variety of fields. We have several recruiting centers located in Alaska and throughout the Lower 48 that can assist you with questions. Please contact the correct office based on the companies below.

Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation 

(907) 677-5254

UIC Government Services

(703) 578-5566

  • Bowhead Government Support Services, LLC
  • Bowhead Information Tech Services, Inc.
  • Bowhead Weapons Development Solutions
  • Bowhead Global Systems and Technology, LLC
  • Bowhead Protection and Security Services LLC
  • Bowhead Program Management and Operations, LLC
  • Bowhead Systems Management, LLC
  • Bowhead Professional and Technical Solutions
  • Bowhead Science and Technology, LLC
  • Bowhead Base Operations, LLC
  • Bowhead Logistics Solutions, Inc.
  • Bowhead Marine Support Services
  • Bowhead Innovative Prod and Solutions, Inc.
  • Bowhead Communication Services
  • Bowhead Enterprise, Science and Technology, LLC
  • Bowhead Professional Solutions, LLC
  • Bowhead Cybersecurity Solutions and Services
  • Bowhead Total Enterprise Solutions, LLC
  • Bowhead Business and Tech Solutions, LLC
  • Bowhead Mission Solutions
  • C-Port Marine Services
  • Bowhead Avionics Manufacturing, LLC
  • Bowhead Manufacturing Company
  • Bowhead Turnkey Manufacturing, LLC
  • Bowhead Operations and Maintenance Solutions
  • Bowhead Support Group
  • Ukpik
  • Bowhead Manufacturing Technologies
  • Bowhead Integrated Support Services
  • Bowhead Logistics Management, LLC

UIC Commercial Services

(907) 677-5200

Design & Construction

  • UIC Construction, LLC
  • Qayaq Construction, LLC
  • UIC Nappairit, LLC
  • UMIAQ Design, LLC

Industrial Marine & Environment

  • UIC Oil & Gas Support
  • UMIAQ Environmental, LLC
  • Bowhead Transport Company, LLC
  • Qayaq Marine, LLC

Barrow Operations

(907) 852-4460

  • UIC Science, LLC
  • UIC Real Estate, LLC
  • UIC Municipal Services, LLC
    • UIC Water Services
    • UIC Car Rental

UIC Government Construction. LLC

(907) 677-5254

  • Rockford Corporation
  • UIC Sanatu, LLC
  • Qayaq Government Solutions, LLC