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UIC Oil & Gas Support, LLC is a professional oilfield service subsidiary of Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation specializing in Alaska Arctic oilfield operation support services. We provide a full range of onshore, near-shore and offshore oil and gas support services with extensive experience to meet the challenges of oil and gas-related projects in the Arctic.

We are a core member of the UIC Commercial Services division, which gives us frequent opportunities to collaborate closely on projects with our sister companies in construction, permitting and environmental services.


We have the largest PistenBully fleet on the North Slope, along with Steigers, Tuckers, Sherps and more. We can get you trucks, heavy equipment, and even the laborers you need for your project. View our equipment list.


Key Capabilities

Summer & Winter Tundra Travel

Getting across tundra is our specialty. Our operators are highly knowledgeable and our equipment is approved by DNR for summer or winter travel. We have the newest and most comfortable Steigers, PistenBullys, Tuckers, Sherps and Specialized Trail Trucks to get our clients and their equipment where they’re going.

Snow Trail Scouting & Construction

In the last five years, we’ve built and rebuilt more than 40,000 miles of snow trail across Arctic tundra. These include the Community Winter Access Trails that connect communities and get freight, equipment and people to their destinations safely. Need a trail for a specific purpose? We’ll map it, submit it for permitting, interface with land owners (from BLM to NSB), and build it.

Freight Hauling

Getting your freight from one point to another takes the right equipment and extensive knowledge of Arctic conditions. We can handle any kind of freight going to any village on the North Slope, whether it’s hauling in heavy equipment and construction materials or hauling out waste. We get the necessary permits, load it properly to avoid damage, and haul it carefully over some pretty extreme terrain.

Remote Camps

We have the personnel and equipment to deploy and run small (2-10 person), remote camps all over the North Slope.

Equipment Lease & Rentals

We can get you trucks, heavy equipment, and even the laborers you need for your project. View our equipment list.

North Slope Permitting

Working in the Arctic requires different permits, whether for camps or for tundra travel. We’re familar with these requirements and have built relationships with agencies to help facilitate the process.


Everything we do requires expert logistics – and we are the North Slope experts, from Pt. Lay to Utqiaġvik to Kaktovik. We’ve got the big picture overview paired with detailed execution that only experience in the Arctic can bring. We thrive on the daily dynamics of transporting people, project management of personnel camps, movement of freight, building trail, procuring parts for projects, and everything else we do: to get the job done for people working and living on the North Slope.


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To maintain a competitive advantage, we team with best-in-class large and small businesses to complement our business strategy and to offer our clients comprehensive, innovative solutions.