Wainwright Cleanup

Bowhead Transport Company has provided support services to ELM Solutions Corporations on the Wainwright Cleanup project since 2010.

Bowhead Transport Company has proven to maintain qualified marine logistics for multiple cargo vessels.  Bowhead Transport transferred super sacks filled with dirt on platforms from the Wainwright spit to landing crafts for ELM Solutions Corp.  The cargo is then towed to Seattle and discharged. Bowhead Transport’s USCG licensed vessels are fully equipped with ocean tug and barge capabilities, shallow draft landing crafts, and a full set of cargo handling equipment.  They are highly experienced in multiple vessel coordination to complete cargo transfers and barge loading within the limited window of the Arctic marine open water season.  Bowhead Transport has a Seattle area USCG & TSA approved terminal providing suitable equipment (such as ramps, forklifts and sweeper) for clean and efficient cargo discharge direct to intermodal vehicles for beyond movement to customer specified and contracted transfer facility.