CH2MHILL Polar Services (CPS) Barrow Science and Logistics Support

UMIAQ has been providing science and logistics support in Barrow, AK to the National Science Foundation (prime subcontractor to CH2MHILL Construction Inc.) since 2009.

UMIAQ maintains all vehicles and field equipment in safe running condition for use by researchers and staff.  They also ensure that lodging accommodations are fully supplied, maintained, and up to par.  UMIAQ recruits experienced bear guards and ice guides with local knowledge to support projects as needed. UMIAQ provides an orientation to researchers so that they are adequately prepared to work in the harsh arctic environment.  Part of this orientation includes community information and HSET training including emergency action and site safety plans, a Barrow orientation, wildlife avoidance, cold weather awareness and firearms awareness.  UMIAQ develops and manages a working allocation system for all resources; especially those that are critical to safety and accomplishing work efficiently.