Alpine Development Capital Projects

UMIAQ has provided support services to ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. on the Alpine Project since 1996.

UMIAQ (formerly LCMF) established an affiliation with the Kuukpik Corporation in 1996. The Kuukpik UMIAQ Team has provided surveying services to ConocoPhillips for more than 10 years in support of projects and operations within the Alpine Development area. They provide ConocoPhillips with the technical resources needed to perform helicopter reconnaissance surveys, establish ice-road alignments and support construction of river crossings, drilling and facility work pads, and airstrips and many other support services.  In addition to the field work required the Kuukpik/UMIAQ team provides the necessary field office computations, mapping, database development and preparation of documents for design, construction, documentation, regulatory requirements, and operational uses.