Projects that UIC is working on.

Deadhorse Aviation Facility

UIC Construction completed the build-out of the 71,000 square foot Dedhorse Aviation Facility in 2012. Complete build-out tenant improvement of a 71,000 square foot hangar, hotel, clinic, TSA compliant facility, and helicopter support operations of offshore exploration. Fast Track Design-Build project. Project was completed on time and within budget in 2012.  

Barrow Replacement Hospital Construction

UIC Construction, with their partner SKW/Eskimos Inc., is constructing the Barrow Replacement Hospital which is a 100,000 square-foot, two story critical access hospital in Barrow, AK. Competitively bid Joint Venture project between UIC Construction, LLC and SKW/ Eskimos Inc.  The Barrow Replacement Hospital is a 100,000 square-foot, two story critical access hospital. The structure is …

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Barrow Global Climate Facility

UIC Construction was responsible for the construction of the research/educational global climate facility in Barrow, AK. Having to accommodate the arctic climate, the facility was constructed using structural steel and concrete piling foundation and footing systems.  All buildings are equipped with an automatic fire suppression system and utilize a supply building and lift stations for …

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Noatak School

In 2007, UIC Construction served as design-assist contracted to provide construction services for a new 52,000 square foot K-12 school in Noatak, AK. Within a short period of 19 months, they completed the design, procurement, and construction of the entire school. The project included extension of underground sewer and water, above ground fuel pipe lines, …

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Weather Service Office and Upper Air Inflation Shelter Facility

In 2008, SIKU Construction successfully managed the construction of the weather service office and upper inflation shelter facility in Barrow, AK. SIKU Construction was contracted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and NOAA to design and construct a new 3,000 square foot facility comprised of an office, conference room, kitchen, instrument maintenance, garage, standby power …

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Barrow Gas Fields

UMIAQ professionally and successfully served the North Slope Borough with a number of services over the course of their contract period from 2010 to 2011. UMIAQ provided a variety of services to the North Slope Borough including project procurement, fuel delivery services to the job sites and equipment, engineering and logistics for waste management, and …

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Wainwright Cleanup

Bowhead Transport Company has provided support services to ELM Solutions Corporations on the Wainwright Cleanup project since 2010. Bowhead Transport Company has proven to maintain qualified marine logistics for multiple cargo vessels.  Bowhead Transport transferred super sacks filled with dirt on platforms from the Wainwright spit to landing crafts for ELM Solutions Corp.  The cargo …

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Barrow Replacement Hospital Marine Transport

Bowhead Transport Company provides competitive pricing and turnkey solutions for the delivery of construction materials from Seattle to the Barrow Replacement Hospital site. The $3.8 million project includes multiple year shipments of building materials from Seattle to the Barrow construction site.  The Bowhead Transport receiving staff manages to haul the materials via barges and landing …

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CH2MHILL Polar Services (CPS) Barrow Science and Logistics Support

UMIAQ has been providing science and logistics support in Barrow, AK to the National Science Foundation (prime subcontractor to CH2MHILL Construction Inc.) since 2009. UMIAQ maintains all vehicles and field equipment in safe running condition for use by researchers and staff.  They also ensure that lodging accommodations are fully supplied, maintained, and up to par. …

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Alpine Development Capital Projects

UMIAQ has provided support services to ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. on the Alpine Project since 1996. UMIAQ (formerly LCMF) established an affiliation with the Kuukpik Corporation in 1996. The Kuukpik UMIAQ Team has provided surveying services to ConocoPhillips for more than 10 years in support of projects and operations within the Alpine Development area. They provide …

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