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Utqiaġvik (Barrow) is at the frontlines of climate change and is the primary Arctic-based logistical hub for Arctic research in the United States. Local Iñupiat whalers have engaged with Arctic researchers in Utqiaġvik for nearly 100 years. Today, this partnership continues through UIC Science, LLC, an SBA-8(a) certified company that provides a wide variety of logistical services to Arctic research projects based out of Utqiaġvik.

Our team at UIC Science include local Inupiat whalers, hunters, and expert Arctic survivalists who specialize in utilizing local and traditional knowledge to assist scientists and researchers with their specific logistical needs. Principal Investigators can select from an a la carte menu of support functions as appropriate for their project.

UIC Science directly supports projects funded through the National Science Foundation, the US Department of Energy, the Office of Naval Research, the North Pacific Research Board, NASA, and BOEM; as well as non-US based researchers including Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, and Ocean University of China. In addition, dozens of privately funded research and media projects are supported each year.

In 1992, in an effort to ensure space for Arctic environmental research, UIC set aside 7,466 acres of privately owned land as the Charles Etok Edwardsen Barrow Environmental Observatory (BEO). The BEO is a specially zoned Scientific Research District to facilitate field research activities in an accessible yet natural tundra ecosystem. UIC Science assists in establishing and maintaining all types of Arctic research projects and environmental monitoring equipment located on the BEO.

UIC Science offices, labs, and conference rooms are centralized in the Barrow Arctic Research Center (BARC). The BARC, a modern, state of the art Arctic Research Facility built in 2007, is located at the now de-commissioned Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL) campus. UIC Science hosts 40 to 50 projects per year at the BARC.

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