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The third branch of UIC Commercial Services is our Barrow Operations branch consisting of three subsidiary companies:

UIC Science, LLC is located in Utqiagvik (Barrow), at the frontlines of climate change and provides the primary Arctic-based logistical hub for Arctic research in the United States. Local Iñupiat whalers have engaged with Arctic researchers in Utqiagvik for nearly 100 years. Today, this partnership continues through UIC Science, LLC, an SBA-8(a) certified company that provides a wide variety of logistical services to Arctic research projects based out of Utqiagvik.

UIC Municipal Services, LLC (formerly UIC Lands, LLC) is based in Utqiagvik, and was originally formed to promote and capitalize on the responsible development of natural resources within the boundary of UIC’s 220,000 acres of land in the vicinity of Utqiagvik, Alaska. Our mission is to help the North Slope Borough achieve their goals “ to sustain and improve
the quality of life for the North Slope Borough residents by providing a wide range of cost-effective and well-coordinated essential municipal services.”

UIC Real Estate, LLC manages all commercial and residential properties in Utqiagvik. This includes rental homes, property sales, and business leases. Including the land and building where the new JB Gottstein grocery and retail store is going soon to open this fall.

UIC Car Rental maintains the largest and most diverse fleet of rental cars in the North Slope Borough. All vehicles are equipped for the road and weather conditions unique to our community. Long-term rental contracts available upon request.

UIC and its family of companies strive to deliver top-quality customer service, specialized knowledge, and attention to detail to ensure safe and economical business solutions.

At UIC, we’re committed to becoming a world-class safety organization. We’re dedicated to providing a safe and productive work environment for our employees, subcontractors, customers and communities where we work every day. Zero Incidents is an initiative we believe in, and it serves as a mindset, value and umbrella for all we do.

If you would like to partner with us or any of our subsidiary companies, please contact us for more information.


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