UMIAQ Environmental provides essential training to remote communities

UMIAQ Environmental employees Jeffrey Schulz and Richie Griggs provide a variety of tank farm training to include HAZWOPER, Confined Space and SPCC Compliance Management in Utqiaġvik, Spring 2023

Many jobs in Alaska require that employees receive initial training along with annual updates. Especially for industrial fields, this training is an essential component to on-the-job safety, and it keeps companies in compliance with state and federal regulations.

But in rural Alaska it can be tough to get employees the training they need. It’s expensive to send multiple employees to a larger community. Online lessons can be difficult to access due to connectivity issues. They can be quickly out-of-date, and often they don’t speak to Alaska’s unique needs.

UMIAQ Environmental sends trainers out to many Alaska villages to provide employees information in their home communities. They cover everything from handling hazardous waste to inspecting tanks. This year they have been to Anaktuvuk Pass, Atqasuk, Utqiaġvik, Nuiqsut and Wainwright.

Trainings offered 

  • Confined space 
  • SPCC and Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plans refresher for facilities 
  • Spill drill 
  • ICS overview 100/200 over 
  • PIC 
  • HAZ/COM 
  • Waste Management 
Getting used to a Hazmat suit and spray foam: one of the interactive components our HAZWOPER trainers incorporate into their sessions.

“Bringing training into communities is not only convenient for them, but it also brings me a lot of joy,” said Jeffrey Schulz, trainer and senior geologist. “I get to experience the diverse cultures, perspectives, and stories that make each village unique. It’s a privilege to collaborate with individuals who share a common goal of prioritizing safety and positively impacting their communities.”

UMIAQ Environmental keeps trainees engaged by incorporating interactive discussions and videos, drills, equipment deployment, and games into its sessions. This enhances the overall learning experience and allows for better information retention. Training materials are regularly updated to ensure they remain relevant and compliant with the latest regulations and guidance. “It’s critical to have a dedicated focus on safety regularly because it ensures that individuals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to prevent accidents and respond effectively in emergencies,” Schulz said.  

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