UIC Shareholder Award Nominations Open

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation Seeks Nominations
Submit your 2023 nominations by 5:00 pm AKT, Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation is accepting nominations for its Cultural Bearer, Community Service, Outstanding Educator, Outstanding Homemaker, Outstanding Shareholder, Lifetime Achievement, and Elder of the Year Awards. UIC Shareholder Awards are presented at the UIC Annual Meeting always held on the first Saturday in June.

Please consider nominating a UIC shareholder who you feel deserves recognition relevant to the selected award category. Award category descriptions and the names of prior recipients are listed below. To complete the online nomination form, click here. The deadline for UIC to receive 2023 nominations is by 5 p.m. AKT on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. For further information, please contact UIC Stock Department at (907) 852-7444 or stock@uicalaska.com.



Fill out the nomination form completely. Submit the nomination form online or click here to print a PDF version of the nomination form. The completed form must be received by UIC by 5 p.m. AKDT on Wednesday, February 15, 2023:

UIC Stock Department
P.O. Box 890
Utqiaġvik, Alaska 99723

Tel: (907) 852-7444
Fax: (907) 802-3141
Email: stock@uicalaska.com

Click here to download and print PDF nomination form.

UIC Shareholder Award Categories

Recognizes a UIC Shareholder who demonstrates strong involvement in the arts, cultural values, and traditions and who shares that culture with others.

Previous award winners (since 2015): Marie Itta, Emma Neakok, Priscilla Sage, Roberta Leavitt, Esther Ungarook, Sr., Billy Adams, Isabel Kanayurak, Walter Nayakik, Jr.


The Community Service Award recognizes shareholders who continuously serve above and beyond their own selves in the interest to better the daily lives of UIC shareholders and the communities they live in.

Previous award winners (since 2015): Lloyd Kanayurak, George Tagarook, Jimmie Kingosak, Marvin Kanayurak, Herman Ahsoak, Daisy Mae Edwardson, William Stevens, Deborah Nayakik, Johnny Adams


This award recognizes shareholders who have demonstrated a strong commitment, competence, and sensitivity in the education field, and whose accomplishments have improved educational opportunities for UIC shareholders and descendants.

Previous award winners (since 2015): Samantha Leavitt, Regina Kippi, Ronald H. Brower Sr., Mae Ahgeak, Dr. Pearl K. Brower, Tennessee Judkins, Elsie Pikok, Beverly Hugo


The Outstanding Homemaker Award recognizes a UIC shareholder who is an outstanding, personable, caring, dedicated caregiver and who manages the household of his or her own family, or those of others always caring for their community.

Previous award winners (since 2015): Flossie Nageak, Elsie Pikok, Mae Kaveolook, Doreen Ahmaogak, George Leavitt Suvlu, Margaret Opie, Richard Taalak, Nellie Gomez


The UIC Outstanding Shareholder Award recognizes shareholders who have through leadership, community service, government service or political involvement, and preservation of the Iñupiat culture shown dedication and contributed to our corporation and community.

Previous award winners (since 2015): Emma Huntsman, Ida Olemaun, Delbert Rexford, Miriam Aiken, Elizabeth Hollingsworth, James Ahgeak, Price Brower, Josiah Patkotak


This award recognizes a UIC shareholder who has demonstrated years of consistent, committed service and positive impacts to shareholders and others within the community they reside. They exhibit leadership qualities and are carriers of their Alaska Native culture, sharing their knowledge and being a positive influence on others throughout their life.

Previous award winners (since 2015): Edna Ahgeak MacLean, Nate Olemaun Jr., Brenda Itta-Lee, Jana Harcharek, Clifford Saavġak Okpeaha, Oliver Leavitt, C. Eugene Brower, Margaret Opie


The UIC Elder of the Year Award honors Elder shareholders (65 years or older) who have shown exemplified dedication to our community, our Iñupiat values, and Alaska Native culture. The individual is recognized as a leader and preserver of our culture whose contributions have benefited the Inupiat people throughout his or her life.

Previous award winners (since 2015): Mary Nauyaq Ahkiviana, Lester Suvlu Sr., Eunice Teerik, Rhoda Pikok, Jane Patkotak, Jacob Anaġi Adams, Sadie Rexford, Lucy Arey, Molly Pederson, David Leavitt, Sr.