Delbert Rexford retires as Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation’s President and CEO

Delbert J. RexfordThe Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (“UIC”) Board of Directors and Delbert J. Rexford announce that Mr. Rexford is retiring from his position as the President/CEO of UIC effective March 22, 2022, in order to focus more on his health and family.

The UIC Board of Directors and Management offer their heartfelt gratitude to Delbert for his many years of crucial leadership and dedication to UIC and its shareholders, and especially as UIC’s President over the last 5 years. President Rexford will continue to serve and provide UIC with his insight and knowledge as a Director on the UIC Board. UIC Chief Operating Officer Jeevan Pokharel will serve as Acting President/CEO for the time being.

“Delbert helped UIC overcome significant challenges and led the Company to new heights and success over the last four years. His contributions and dedication to UIC and its shareholders have been a blessing,” said UIC’s Board Chairman, Price E. Brower.

Jeevan Pokharel also stated that “Delbert’s efforts on behalf of the Company are deeply appreciated, and his knowledge of the Company will always be an asset to UIC. We look forward to continuing his vision for the additional growth and success of UIC and wish him well in all of his time ahead.”

President Rexford stated that, “I am grateful to have been able to serve my corporation and its shareholders these last several years and to be able to continue my service as a Director. I am excited to see the additional growth and successes that UIC will achieve and have great confidence in Jeevan’s leadership and the management team we have been able to put in place.”