Official Certified Election Results for the 2020 UIC Annual Shareholder Meeting

At the recently held Ukpeaġvik Inupiat Corporation Annual Shareholder’s Meeting, there were:

  • 192,423 total number of shares eligible to vote as of the record date August 25, 2020, with 96,212 shares needed for a quorum.
  • As of 5:00 p.m. on October 23, 2020, 101,807 shares were represented by proxy with quorum obtained, representing 106% of shares required for quorum.

As reported by the Secretary of the UIC Board of Directors, Richard Ungarook, Sr., based on the tabulation performed by the duly appointed inspectors of election, the following candidates for the Board of Directors received the three highest votes at the 2020 UIC Annual Meeting of shareholders:


Congratulations to these top three successful candidates!

Also on this year’s ballot was Shareholder Resolution 2020-01 for The UIC Shareholder Trust to be established as an ANCSA settlement trust effective October 24, 2020.  The resolution passed.

Prize winners

UIC Board Director Lloyd Kanayurak along with the UIC Stock Department drew this year’s prizes, and we are pleased to announce the following winners:

Grand Prize (Polaris 850-4 Wheeler): Thurston Booth

First Prize ($2000): Anton Edvard Andrews

Early Bird Prizes ($250):

  1. Darlene Qasuklana Frantz
  2. Rachel Mumford
  3. Kory Ann Danner
  4. Maxine Ahgeak
  5. Clarence Wayne Fishel Jr.
  6. Mildred Emma Spear custodian: Cynthia A. Spear
  7. Carolyn Mary Hopson
  8. Clara Esther Kaleak
  9. Qaiyaan Harcharek
  10. Simeon U. Kunaknana
  11. Charles Elliot Edwardsen
  12. Fred Chalmer Elavgak
  13. Ethel Tazruk
  14. Gilbert George Suvlu
  15. Herman Jack Solomon
  16. Molly Mae Ghete
  17. Brandon Charles Sakeagak
  18. Wayne Ahmaogak
  19. Deondre Spencer custodian: Crystal Esther Spencer
  20. Martha Jane Stackhouse
  21. Robert James Sakeagak
  22. Raymond Koonaloak
  23. Lillian Lampe
  24. Angeline Kanayurak
  25. Steven Andrew Nelson
  26. Frederick Steven Ahgeak
  27. Billy Adams
  28. Thomas Foster Leavitt
  29. Elson Roy Fischer
  30. Yvonne Ann Toovak
  31. Fredrika Ann Leavitt
  32. Don Earl Gray
  33. Landon Leavitt custodian: Bertha Lee Leavitt
  34. Isaac Okakok
  35. Flossie Nageak
  36. Betty Sinnok
  37. Laura M.R. Simmonds
  38. Felicia Ann Holt
  39. Alfred Baxter Akootchook
  40. Alissa Michelle Taylor
  41. Aguruk Kaleak
  42. Vanessa Lucy Sielak
  43. David Price Hopson
  44. Jonah Bolt Leavitt
  45. Ronald Nalikak
  46. Bethany Forsythe
  47. Claudia Jane Mongoyak
  48. Grace Ann Pikok
  49. Bert P. Akootchook
  50. Gilford Mongoyak Jr.

Remaining Annual Meeting Prizes ($250):

  1. Otto L. Moses
  2. Michelle Ahgeak-Fishel
  3. Thelma Florence Rexford
  4. Simeon Akpik
  5. David T. Neakok
  6. Lucy Ann Pikok
  7. Harvey Dean Jennings
  8. Timothy Toovak
  9. Ellen Marie Setoyant
  10. Robert Forrest Nageak
  11. Thomas Hospon
  12. Mildred Rose Killbear
  13. Roberta Jay Turner
  14. Bonnie June Aishanna
  15. Kristy Ann Solomon
  16. David U. Leavitt
  17. Floyd Cortez Suvlu
  18. Flossie R. Ahngasuk
  19. Charmaine U. Okpeaha
  20. Everett Edwardsen
  21. George Stewart Taalak
  22. Harry Edward Olemaun


If you won an early bird or annual meeting prize, email your name and phone number to:

The stock department will take your name and phone number and will call you to verify your shareholder status and process your check.

Reminder: our Barrow office is closed in compliance with the North Slope Borough’s Emergency Order 10-2020. You will not be able to pick up your check at the office. You may call (907) 852-4460 to contact the stock department. Please allow time for stock to process and mail your check. Thank you.

We are also especially pleased to announce that the 2020 Shareholder Recognition Awardees are:

Cultural Bearer – Billy Adams

Community Service – Will Ahlook Stevens

Outstanding Educator – Tennessee D. Judkins

Outstanding Shareholder – James Seamon Ahgeak

Outstanding Homemaker – Margaret Opie

Lifetime Achievement – Oliver Leavitt

Elder of the Year – Sadie Pisak Kanayurak Rexford

Elder of the Year – Lucy Koganaluk Naiyak Arey

All Shareholder awardees will be given a custom, hand-made wooden bowl engraved with their name, award title, and the UIC corporate logo.  Please contact the stock department at (907) 852-4460 or to make arrangements to have it shipped to you.

Congratulations to these wonderful Shareholders who have given so much!