Mail-Out Update

May 15, 2020

Dear UIC Shareholders,

On May 12th we mailed you UIC’s Annual Report and the UIC 2019 Audited Financial Statements as required by Alaska State law (A.S. 10.06.433).  Some shareholders have recently been asking about when the Proxy Statement and Ballot for the Annual Shareholders’ meeting will be sent.  This announcement is to inform you that the Proxy Statement, the Proxy Ballot, and other items related to the Annual meeting will be sent to shareholders after UIC’s Board of Directors sets the new Annual Shareholder’s meeting date.  We take our Annual Shareholder’s meeting very seriously and we are looking forward to meeting with all of you in person once the current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

We are very excited about the 2019 Annual Report and the positive results UIC was able to obtain this last year.  As previously announced, and as mentioned in the Annual Report mail-out, the Board of Directors decided in April to postpone the June 2020 Annual Shareholders meeting because of COVID-19 concerns.  Once a new Annual meeting and Record date have been set, UIC will be able to send Proxy Statements and Ballots to shareholders so that the Annual Meeting and the election of new Directors can then proceed.   UIC continues to carefully monitor and assess the risk and potential impact of COVID-19 on our shareholders, our employees, and our community, and we hope to be able to announce very soon a rescheduled Annual meeting for later this year.

Once again, if shareholders need to update their Shareholder Records or have questions regarding any other shareholder services, please feel free to contact the UIC Stock Department at or leave a message at (907) 852-4460.  Thank you all again for being an important part of this effort.


Delbert J. Rexford