Climate Action for Alaska Releases draft Climate Policy

JUNEAU, ALASKA – Governor Bill Walker and Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott’s Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team released a draft climate policy, and recommended action to address climate change. Members of the public are encouraged to review the draft and submit comments by June 4.

The Governor and Lieutenant Governor released a joint statement:

“The Alaskans who serve on the climate team have worked hard to create a draft policy that reflects our priorities for health, culture, safety, and the economic future of our state. While this group represents a diversity of regions and perspectives across Alaska, it’s necessary to hear from members of the public to ensure this policy and our future climate action plan reflect the needs and interests of all Alaskans.”

The Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team is composed of experts and community leaders with backgrounds in science, industry, entrepreneurship, community planning, natural resource development, environmental protection, and policy-making. Chaired by Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott, the team is focusing on climate change mitigation and adaptation through economic opportunity, renewable energy and energy efficiency, coastal resilience, science communication, and technological innovation. They will present an initial climate action plan to Governor Walker by September 2018.